The International Contest of the Composition of Marching Music for the Three Kings Parade arose as a result of the gap in this type of music and finding that, year after year, the Three Wise Men were parading to the same musical pieces: traditional Christmas carols, medleys thereof or even Christian and Moors marching music. So, in 2010 we decided to undertake the Contest in collaboration with Taller de Música Castell Vermell from Ibi, in order to obtain specific marching music for this kind of parade, taking place first in 2011.

It should be mentioned that this contest is unique, because we are not aware of any other composition contest of a similar theme anywhere in the world, and it has achieved international status, since the rules are published in many languages (Spanish, Valencian, English, French and German) and they are globally distributed.

With a first prize of 2,500 €, the jury may also grant up to two runners up prizes of 1,000 € each. The rules are available on the Three Kings Association of Ibi page of Facebook, also that of Taller de Música Castell Vermell and at

The scores of compositions awarded in previous years can also be purchased at

The compositions awarded in previous years are as follows:


First Prize

Runners up


Not awarded

  • Espurnes d’Il·lusió by Frank J. Cogollos Martínez
  • La meua Estrela by Miguel Angel Mas Mataix


Betlehem by Cristóbal López Gándara

Gold by Juan Sanjuán Rodrigo


Temps de Llum by Juan Sanjuán Rodrigo

Not awarded


Rey de la Luz by Cristóbal López Gándara

Magalath by Oscar Calatayud Gómez


Seràkin by Ferrán Campos Valdés

Espurnes de la Llum d’Orient by José Ignacio Blesa Lull


Amerin by Oscar Calatayud Gómez

Not awarded


La Marxa dels Tres Savis by Ferrán Campos Valdés

Bel-Sarru-Usur by Felipe García Atiénzar