The Three Kings Association of Ibi is an association legally constituted under the current law of associations whose purpose is the organisation of the Three Kings Festival in Ibi.

Currently the Association is responsible for organising the following acts and events: Christmas and Three Kings Concert, the International Contest of the Composition of Marching Music for the Three Kings Parade, the parade of the characters with big heads on the mornings of January 4th and 5th; the Herald’s Parade with the subsequent collection of letters and the Three Kings Parade which is the main event. It is also responsible for organising the Three Kings dinner on the night of January 4th and the Kings Mass on the 6th.

In addition, we are responsible for the maintenance of the outfits of most of the characters in the two parades: the Three Kings, the Herald, pages, soldiers, Herod, Joseph, Mary, the angel, … that are owned by the Association.

The Association’s History

From 1930, when the first Three Wise Men parade took place in Ibi, the City Council delegated its organisation to different entities until 1957, when a permanent committee was formed where the various enterprises of our town were represented. This committee adopted a set of rules and we can say that it was the seed of the current Three Kings Association of Ibi.

In those days, in a town booming thanks to the growth of the toy industry, it is not surprising that businessmen from this sector engaged thoroughly with the Three Kings Festival and assumed both its organisation and its funding. In fact, the tradition of giving sweets and toys to the children on the nights of January 5th and 6th converted the Magi into the best salesmen that they could ever have.

In the 80s and 90s, the toy industry was in decline in the economy of Ibi and, consequently, the participation of toy manufacturers in the Three Kings Association management. And, although the Association tried to renew and adapt itself to the new circumstances, it could not, or did not know how to do so; leading in 2009 to a serious situation that endangered the celebration of the Three Kings Festival of 2010.

Fortunately, the determined action of a group of supporters of the Three Kings Festival managed to remedy the situation and since then, the Association has continued to organise the royal parades, improving them and expanding the number of events and activities related to the Epiphany Celebration, as well as increasingly opening up the festival to the diverse society of Ibi.